Semalt Speaks On Anchor Text Over-Optimization

Building too many targeted links for your posts can mess up your online campaign, not to mention affecting your rankings. Generally, over optimization refers to generating many links with a targeted number of anchor text where the links take away the meant value of content and cannot provide value anymore.

Over optimization of anchor text is a topic that has been hitting the headlines for several years running. Marketing consultants, e-commerce website owners, and content marketers tend to create too many targeted links for their websites, a scenario that leads to low rankings in the algorithms. To boost your user's engagement and to rank high in the algorithms, consider linking your product pages and category pages appropriately.

Here is an analyzed report of well-performing e-commerce websites. The report entails anchor texts of 31 product pages and 28 category pages. When it comes to content marketing, understanding the basic attributes of anchor text is of utmost importance. Frank Abagnale, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers you to have a look at the following attributes that'll help to analyze whether links containing anchor text was correctly optimized.

  • Key phrase – Check whether the key phrase contains partial match anchor text
  • Brand Name – In most cases, brand name is portrayed as the anchor text
  • URL – Check whether the link has actual anchor text, or it is just an URL
  • Branded– Check whether the brand was cited in the anchor text

Non-Targeted Vs. Targeted Anchor Texts

In a report entailing 28 category pages and 31 product pages, 34.6% of coded links recorded were targeted. In simple words, exact match anchors were recorded at 18.05%, URL at 17.88%, brand at 30.84%, phrase at 16.58%. Non-targeted anchor texts were recorded at 16.64%.

The product page

In this case, the distribution of targeted anchor text and the non-targeted text is unequal. Product pages oust the category pages regarding phrase links and exact match links. The distribution portrays that phrase match links, and exact match links recorded a percentage increase amounting to 4% and 7% respectively.

The category pages

When it comes to category pages, linking of good phrases and keywords will be minimal. Statistics shows that 25% of created links on the category pages are targeted. For instance, 'other,' represents the non-targeted anchor text distribution. As compared to the non-targeted anchor text distribution, the links for URL and branded recorded a percentage increase of 7% and 5% respectively. Most of the recorded increment accounted for keyword brand and phrases. It is important to note that the category brand match recorded a distribution amounting to 12.23%.

Impacts of over optimization on your online campaign

Generating too many links for your content adversely affects your rankings. As a marketer, consider increasing anchor text and decreasing the number of targeted links to hit your target market in real time.

The importance of balancing your standard profile cannot be snubbed. If you have been working on your SEO campaign and your converting keyword is still ranking low, consider creating different anchor texts to improve your campaign visibility. In this case, the term 'normal' implies different meaning for different industries. Conduct a research to identify the best anchor text for your campaign.

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